zhejiang kala kitchenware analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of non-stick pans

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First of all, in terms of non-stick pans. In theory, there are many kinds of non-stick pans, including coated non-stick pans, physical non-stick woks with unique processing technology, and stainless steel steaming pans.

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The non-stick pan mentioned here refers to the coated non-stick pan, and the physical non-stick pan will be released later. The most popular at this stage is the medical stone non-stick pan, I have used it a lot.

The advantages of the film-coated non-stick pan are: First, it is easy to steam and fry, and the cold oil in the cold pan is not easy to stick. It is especially suitable for beginners in the restaurant and kitchen. The actual operation is very convenient and successful, and it is not easy to confuse the bottom. Non-stick pan is lighter;

Second, it uses less cooking oil and no smoke pot, which makes the restaurant kitchen cleaner and less harmful to the chef’s skin. In addition, it can also reduce the intake of body fat, which is in line with modern people’s pursuit of perfect health concept of low-calorie and low-fat.

For example, stir-fried tofu can save trouble in a non-stick pan, and it can also be smooth.

For example, fried sugar, fried bean paste, starchy foods and other foods are most suitable for non-stick pans. There is very little oil in non-stick pans. It is not good to use other pans. Unless you add more oil, use the restaurant kitchen method.

Disadvantages: The surface of the non-stick pan has an organic chemical coating, which is easy to fall off in high temperature or permanent use. Therefore, non-stick pans are not suitable for high-temperature frying. Usually pay attention to cooking with medium and low heat. Proper use can greatly increase the service life of non-stick pans.

The most important thing is not to be in a hurry. For example, the dishes should be washed immediately under the tap of drinking water after they have been fried, which is very harmful to the pot. Many people actually lost their lives in this pot.

In addition, because of the coating, you cannot clean the jar with a shovel or sharp objects. Use a soft towel, usually a silicone spatula or a wooden spatula, and do not fry hard shellfish.

Summary: Non-stick pans are powerful and should be maintained. Observe once every 1-2 years. If the coating is peeled off and scratched, it is recommended to replace it.