Home Cookware Guide: Practical is the last word

Actually, I wanted to write an article about pots and utensils very early, because there are a lot of pots at home, and there are 15 at present~ Although it is not a professional, but it is also a person who has gone through the pit.

Of course, there are so many pots because of my love for cooking. When I saw the movie (Julie & Julia), I suddenly had an idea: if I also learn to cook like the protagonist, what would happen.

Of course I know that I am not so perfect, but I will stick to it. It’s a bit off topic, let’s get to the point. Some users asked me to recommend some pots and pans before. Recently, I reorganized them and I will share them with you here.

​Cookware classification

I have a bit of obsessive-compulsive disorder in everything I do, and I like to classify things. For example, when buying pots, I like to classify pots first. I first used non-stick pots, then iron pots, later stew pots, and now I have added a steamer pot. I bought these pots based on my personal habits.

According to common cooking methods, we can roughly divide them into pots and pans for different purposes, such as frying, frying, steaming, and stewing. Based on my experience, I will talk about the characteristics and precautions of these pots.

Iron pan

This is my favorite pot. It heats up quickly, and all kinds of Chinese dishes come casually. Sometimes I can install it and make a joke. In addition to being easy to use when cooking, there is another thing I particularly like: firmness. Sometimes it gets rusted by accident, it’s okay! The steel ball became a new one with a brush.

Pure iron pan, uncoated tip wok, hand-forged iron pan, old-fashioned iron pan, household iron pan

Every time I cook, I like to take two dips.


①Iron pans need to be boiled and raised. When you first buy them, they usually need to be boiled. (Boiling tutorials are generally available online, or you can directly ask the seller to cook the pot for you.) In addition to the early boiling, there is also the later raising of the pan.

Many people don’t raise the pot after using it, which makes the iron pot harder to use as it is used. This is why we need to raise the pot.

Raising a pot is also very simple. After using the pot, heat the pot and wipe the pot with pigskin. This will form a layer of oil on the surface of the wok. It is said that the food can be separated from the wok when cooking. Then there will be a situation of mashing the pot. (For specific techniques for raising pots, you can search online, and many sellers will also tell you how to raise pots.)

When I raised the pot, I kept it for about a month, but at first there was a piece of pigskin to raise the pot. Later, I was lazy and wiped it with vegetable oil, and the effect was no difference.

②Hot pan with cold oil: Some friends who use iron pans for cooking often encounter situations where the pan will be burnt as soon as they are fried, or the oily fume will be particularly heavy. In fact, this is the time when the dishes are not well grasped. Those who often use iron pans know that the general cooking is to pay attention to the “hot pan and cold oil”, that is, after the pan is hot, put the oil and then put the vegetables, so that it will not There is a mashed pot situation.

The oily smoke is large because you have not mastered the “smoke point” of the oil. After you put the oil, don’t wait for the oil to splash out and put the vegetables. Of course, it is easy to smoke or even catch fire. At first, I used chopsticks to put a little vegetable in in advance. When I saw the vegetable bubbling in the oil, I could put the vegetable. If there is no movement in it, it means that the oil temperature is not enough.

③Cleaning skills: It is relatively easier to clean iron pots. It can deal with all kinds of cleaning products, such as steel wire balls and cleaning sponges. Don’t pick it. However, after cleaning, you must ensure that the iron pan is dry (I usually wipe it with kitchen paper or bake it on the stove), otherwise it will still rust.

​Non-stick pan

Diamond wok non-stick pan frying without oily smoke

Personally, I still like to use non-stick pan. Sometimes the advantages of making a pie non-stick pan are reflected. The iron pan heats up quickly and it is difficult to control the temperature and it will be easy to stick. A non-stick pan is much better, at least you don’t have to worry about sticking the pan.

​Stainless Steel Pot


① When cleaning the non-stick pan, do not use some sharp cleaning supplies to clean it, otherwise the layer of the non-stick pan will be damaged.

Do not use a shovel. For non-stick pans, use a “gentle” shovel such as a silicone shovel and a wooden shovel. Wooden shovel is preferred.

③Non-stick pan also has a service life, although it is said that non-stick pan saves trouble, as time goes by, the non-stick effect will be compromised. For example, the Lagotini non-stick pan I use is now clearly visible in the middle of the pot body and the difference with the surrounding coating, sometimes cooking is somewhat sticky, but after so many years of service, I am very satisfied. .

​Stainless Steel Pot

Stainless steel wok non-stick pan honeycomb non-stick flat bottom wok

The stainless steel pot can be regarded as an Internet celebrity pot, and many Internet celebrities like to use this pot as a background. Especially when watching foreign food dramas, you can often see the existence of stainless steel pots.

In terms of beauty, the iron pan looks like a rough “big man”, and the stainless steel pan is definitely a “beauty”, but beautiful does not mean it is easy to use. At least, the stainless steel pot I currently use is too restrictive. For example, when you cook heavy-tasting dishes, the pot tends to leave traces and appears a bit “dirty”; and the handles of stainless steel pots are generally made of the same material as the pot body, and the heat insulation effect? nonexistent.

Temporary guest steamer is easy to boil water and is not suitable for steaming for a long time.

When making heavy-tasting dishes, it is troublesome to clean up later.


① When using a stainless steel wok, it is not suitable for cooking for a long time. The metal handles will be hot and you don’t have the desire to continue cooking. You think you will cook as a French chef at ease, naive!

②Chinese food and Western food are extensive and profound, and the seasoning with “color” is always used. If you use a stainless steel pot, you really want to cry when cleaning up: this pot is too delicate!

③Stainless steel pot is pretty before it’s useless, isn’t it? Can be a mirror! After using it, you will find that the bottom of the pot is discolored, and there are marks on the inner wall of the pot.

④When brushing the pot, this stainless steel pot still has requirements for water quality. The water quality is too “hard”. Every time after brushing the pot, you will see water stains on the pot body, which is not easy to wipe clean. Later, I searched it because of the water quality.

Forget it, I don’t need this pot anymore, I’m tired! Both pots are currently eating dust~

Before that, I had only seen this pot in film and television dramas, and the feeling at that time was: this pot is really beautiful, like a starry sky. (Said you like dandruff, go away!) I planted grass at the time, and then couldn’t bear the inner heart that possessed it, and finally started. After using it for a period of time, it has replaced my favorite iron pot and is currently the main pot in the house.

High Quality Granite Cooking Pots Frying Pan Cookware Set Multipurpose Fry Pan Customize Food Warmer Set Manufacturers

This is frying instant noodles, which is “smooth” to use.


①This kind of pot is very smooth to use, and is smoother than non-stick pots. As long as the temperature is controlled, there is no need to worry about the pot being stuck.

Cleaning is super easy. Rinse with water and wipe with kitchen paper.

The cast iron enamel pot, as its name suggests, is an enamel layer attached to the inner and outer surfaces of the cast iron pot body, which has both the practicality of the cast iron pot and the beauty of the enamel. Suitable for all kinds of daily stew.

Stewed tomato sirloin.


The enamel pot should also be boiled. It is mentioned in the instructions. Rinse it with hot water and wipe it dry. Put a layer of cooking oil on the pot and dry it over a low fire. After the pot is cool, wipe off the excess oil.

Do not burn in the air for a long time, or rinse directly with cold water immediately after use, otherwise the rapid temperature change will cause the enamel layer to fall off and affect the service life of the pot.

Be sure to wear baking gloves when serving the pot, the handles are very hot.


I learned noodles for a while, especially steamed buns and steamed buns, but I encountered a problem how to steam them. After all, the steaming pot is not used frequently, so I have always used Zwilling’s stainless steel pot to steam with grate, but the heat preservation is too poor and it is easy to boil the water. (I forgot the time before, the bottom of the pot was already black Now.) So I decided to buy a steamer.

I really like this steamer so much, let’s take a close-up shot.

Finally, I chose this steamer that has both function and appearance. It is also super easy to use, with a total of two layers and a diameter of 30cm, which is sufficient in most cases.


Pay attention to the depth of adding water when using the steamer. If the steaming time is longer, add more water. Otherwise, the water will be steamed and dry the pot, which is not safe.

Aluminum pots and pans should not be in contact with strong acids and alkalis (such as certain cleaning agents), and should be used with bamboo, wood or silicone shovel to prevent sharp objects such as steel balls from damaging the coating or oxide film. ugly.

Stock pot, glass pot, milk pot, steamer, transparent pot, amber pot

If I recommend a pot that is both “beautiful and practical”, I might recommend Corning pot. I saw a netizen used it before, and later learned that this kind of pot is called Kangning pot.

The capacity can be selected according to the number of people in the family and usage habits. If two people cook something occasionally, 1.25L is enough; if more people cook a lot, then buy a larger one.

The sour plum juice made by myself last summer has a great taste.


Wear gloves when moving, the pot is very hot.


Ceramic soup pot casserole color heat-resistant stew pot health pot high soup pot household


①When using, the temperature should rise a little bit. If it can’t be used, use a high fire, otherwise “pot cracking” will occur.

The casserole should be cooked too. I won’t say much about it, and it’s not difficult to find it online.

​Enamel pot (small milk pot)

Thickened milk pot, enamel soup pot, water pot, single handle pot, wooden handle

There was a time when I was particularly obsessed with milk pots, including this small enamel milk pot. In fact, I personally use it very frequently. Sometimes when a person cooks noodles after returning home from get off work, the advantage of the small milk pot comes out. At that time, I bought a single black and white. White looks good, but it gets dirty easily, and black is more resistant to stains.


I can’t empty the pot. I tried it before and the bottom of the pot almost exploded.

It is recommended to buy black, white is beautiful, but it will get dirty after using it for a long time.

​Other ash-eating pots

After talking about the several pots that are in service above, then talk about the cases of failed purchases. In fact, buying a pot is the same as using a SLR. There are so many controls in the SLR, and there are very few that are really commonly used. The following pots are too limited in usage scenarios, so they are basically ashamed when they are bought.

Everyone can be used as a negative teaching material.

Cast iron frying pan

Cast iron frying pan, multi-function frying pan, steak pan, household pancake pan, omelette pan, uncoated water

I really want to give myself a hammer when I buy a pot I haven’t used before. (Sorry, not your teacher Luo.) When I bought the pot, I probably lost my mind. It can also be used in scenes such as steak frying, I can’t think of what it is for. What more steak! Understand the feeling of heartache!

Non-stick pancake pan

Do you think you can get up early every day to make pancakes by buying this stuff? naive!

I made a banana toast roll once, but I haven’t used it much.

Stainless steel soup pot

Stainless steel series soup pot Induction cooker soup pot stew pot

Until now, I don’t know why I bought such a “small” soup pot. Maybe I was confused by its beauty. But it’s not very easy to use. This one advertises a soup pot. After using it for a long time, the handles on both sides will be very hot, and you can smell plastic when you get close.

At present, when I am eating hot pot, I still take it out and use it, and I basically eat ashes.

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